“Dead River Co.” blue darner dragonfly video

http://mountainmirrors.bandcamp.com “Dead River Co.” by Mountain Mirrors from the EP “Asylum Acres”. Video “Zombie Dragonfly Discotheque” by David C. Montgomery at http://silverfishcloset.com used by permission
under a Creative Commons “Attribution” license. Thanks David.


Dead river flows through a dead-ass town
Dead people wander round
Dead sky rains down on a dead ground
Are you gonna drown?

Dead time for me
Dead company

Deathly strange breeze
Howling through the trees
Warnings never heed
Never believe

Dead time for me
Dead company

Guitar is a Yamaha LS6 recorded with a Rode NT5 pair. Vocal is a Rode K2. I used IK Multimedia, PSP and Fabilter plugins. Reverb is the Exponential Audio Phoenix.

Thanks for listening,

p.s. no dragonflies were harmed in the making of David’s video. “All dragonflies in this film were either found dead as roadkill or washed up on the beach during a migratory swarm of green darners in late September of 2011 in Northeast Florida.”

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Opeth, Mountain Mirrors and DPRP

“Opeth have shown there is a market amongst prog fans for this type of music and I have enjoyed my brief exposure to Mountain Mirrors more than I have to some recent efforts by the more famous group. It would be good to see recognition for someone who did not have the name of Stephen Wilson attached to it.” – Mark Hughes, DPRP.net (thanks Mark!)

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“Dead River Co.” (zentatonic vibe version)

Stripped down version of “Dead River Co.” from the Mountain Mirrors “Asylum Acres” EP.

The guitar is recorded with a Rode Nt5 mic pair. Vocals are the Rode K2 mic. I mixed it in Reaper with mostly Fabfilter and IK Multimedia plugins and the new, beautiful Exponential Audio Phoenix reverb.

Some of you guys might know that I planned on doing the entire “Asylum Acres” EP as a stripped down Nick Drake style sinister folk jam ep.

I almost finished it that way. Then, for fun I tried it out with some drums and bass and decided to re-record everything with the band – I was so impressed with Steve and Dave’s playing styles that I bit the bullet and re-did everything.

The violin is played by Kurt Baumer. Kurt was originally intended to be the only guest musician on the EP.

Here’s a re-recording of “Dead River Co.” the way I originally envisioned it. Download it for free.

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Mountain Mirrors – Full of Flies (alternate Sandman Mix)

Fresh mix of “Full of Flies” from my brand new EP “Asylum Acres”. I’m proud of this tune. It’s got that good vs. evil sort of mystical feel I love so much. I got inspired for the 5/4 time signature from watching a Kaki King lesson on Jamplay.com.

The field recording at the end was recorded at a house my wife Jenn and I stayed at in Stephentown NY, in the Berkshires. I was on a hammock inside a little gazebo with my Zoom H2N recorder.

I bought the Native Instruments Premium Tube Series plugins yesterday on a Black Friday deal (sweet) and this is what I came up with while testing. Felt good to mix again. I’m not the best at it, but it’s fun as hell.

“Asylum Acres” was my first release where I hired a pro to mix it. Johnny Geib did a great job. Just having some fun here and going for a rawer and more open and sinister sound.

No vocal tuning, time-alignment or cuddly animals were abused during this mix. So it’s pretty raw.

I also used Camelspace, Alchemy, PSP Echo and Fabfilter Saturn, but mostly it’s the Softube/Native Instruments stuff.

Vocals are my Rode K2 through a Sebatron preamp. Guitars are my Yamaha LS6 into a Beyerdynamic mic and Focusrite Isa One Pre. No eq or compression on the guitars.

Download this in highest quality for free here. And remember, sharing is caring, aaaight? Thanks and Cheers. – Jeff

from Asylum Acres, released 29 October 2012
Jeff Sanders – vocal, guitars, synths, field recording, mix, master
Steve Riley – drums and percussion
Kurt Baumer – violins
Dave Demarco – Bass

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“Asylum Acres” is now available on Amazon.com

Asylum Acres is now on Amazon.com (and iTunes).

First review is up (Richreviewz): “Asylum Acres” brings a breath of fresh air into a style of music that otherwise suffers from stale, monotonous approaches; and Mountain Mirrors certainly isn’t afraid of letting in one or two influences outside the folk acoustic genre either – prog rock and grunge specifically. This EP is the soundtrack to overcast nights, while alone at your desk with candlelight during a power cut as you watch one or two soaking pedestrians hurry along deserted pavements. It has that mournful and life-pondering feel but without being depressing in the slightest, acting more as an insightful window into another lifetime.”

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“Dead River Co.” video by Eumatheus

Check out a new video of the brand new Mountain Mirrors song “Dead River Co.” from the 6-song Asylum Acres EP.

Thanks Matheus! You are a true artist, my friend.

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“Asylum Acres” Is Here

I’m proud to present to you my newest musical creation, “Asylum Acres”.

It’s sort of a concept EP about places you would visit in dreams (or nightmares), out-of-body experiences, alternate realities, astral projection etc. There is also a common thread about angels. Or, more specifically, waiting for them in vain…everything happens for a reason, remember?

Please click here to check it out at my Bandcamp music store.

It’ll also be available at iTunes and Amazon in a week or so.

Hope you enjoy it.


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Mountain Mirrors Announces New 6-Song Dark Acoustic EP “Asylum Acres” on Bandcamp Just in Time for Halloween

For Immediate Release

Mountain Mirrors has today announced a new 6-song EP entitled “Asylum Acres” debuting on Bandcamp in time for Halloween.

Fairhaven, Massachusetts (PRWEB) 21, October 2012 – Mountain Mirrors’ new 6-song EP, “Asylum Acres,” has been announced for release on October 29 through Bandcamp and will be arriving just before Halloween. Combining elements of folk music, grunge and rock, this dark acoustic EP will appeal to anyone with a passion for the mystical, experimental and ethereal. The cover art for the new album was created by Richey Beckett, whose work will be featured in Universal Studios’ Monsters exhibit during October.

Mountain Mirrors has already released three full-length albums, and “Asylum Acres” is the second EP released. The album was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, whose work includes albums by Dax Riggs, Lake Eerie and Neutral Milk Hotel. Jeff Sanders is the force behind the unique music on all albums, though helped out by studio musicians – on the new release, Sanders is joined by Dave DeMarco on bass, Steve Riley on drums and Kurt Baumer on violin. “Asylum Acres” evokes thoughts of dark journeys to distant shores, alternate realities or dreams and explores the futility of waiting for angels to help, which makes the Halloween release rather appropriate.

Of course, this vibe is not new to Mountain Mirrors, as noted by The Ripple Effect of Sanders’ first album, the self-titled Mountain Mirrors, “Imagine if you will, walking through a forest that’s enshrouded in dense fog. Visibility is only a few hundred feet in any direction. Moisture glistening off the surrounding foliage as your breath bellows from your mouth in a cloud of steam. The crunch of leaves and decay under every footstep being the only sound to accompany the animal-like howl of the wind. Kinda’ creepy out here all alone, huh? That’s the power of Mountain Mirrors.”

Sanders’ project draws inspiration from disparate sources, ranging from Pink Floyd to 90s grunge music and even heavy metal, but it’s couched in a unique fusion of folk/acoustic and dark dramatic overtones. According to Sea of Tranquility, “The slightly folky acoustic guitars, sweet drum cadences, subtle keyboard sounds, and most importantly Sanders’ otherworldly vocals, when combined, do invite comparisons to names like Opeth, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, and even Alice In Chains’ unplugged material, but overall, the music presented on this disc is in a league all its own.”

To learn more about Mountain Mirrors, listen to the tracks from previous releases and be notified when “Asylum Acres” debuts, visit http://www.MountainMirrors.com.

About Mountain Mirrors: Since 2006, Mountain Mirrors has released three full-length albums. “Asylum Acres” is also Jeff Sanders’ second EP. The music has been featured in the documentary “A Lawyer Walks into a Bar,” as well as dozens of YouTube videos, including the viral series “Lonelygirl15”.



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Vertebrae Illustration

Vertebrae Illustration is now lending some of his sick skills to the forthcoming Mountain Mirrors release! Vertebrae AND Richey Beckett. Please head over and give them some love.

The next full moon will deliver the new Mountain Mirrors release, entitled “Asylum Acres”. :-)

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dark, mystical, otherworldly artists

I’m stoked to finally have so much inspiring artwork in my FB feed. Check out Scott MoveRichey BeckettIllustrations by Emmett MulliganEnneathan MediaGrindesign and Vertebrae Illustration if you love skulls, mystical things, mythical creatures and other otherworldly and dark art.

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