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Mountain Mirrors | :: heavy acoustic music from the Massachusetts woods

Mountain Mirrors :: heavy acoustic music

All Mountain Mirrors releases are available on iTunes and Bandcamp. Cheers.

7 Responses to Mountain Mirrors :: heavy acoustic music

  1. Doc says:

    Listening to The Demon’s Eye I had such a wonderful vision that I just had to come share it. Strangely, I “saw” the background to your old myspace page, where the (fallen?) angel sat alone amoung the sky-raking trees of a black and white forest. She smiled though a feeling of sadness and despair poured from her. Next I noticed her eyes, or rather, lack there of. Her face was slightly sunken where eyes would be. The angel noticed me and continued smiling, as she released an eyeball with wings from each hand. Similar to: http://m.artician.com/pu/7DKV4LX7DJUDL23OWX52CPQRIMAUMNNO.preview.jpeg
    Though eerie the floating eyes danced around, almost gleefully, and seemed much happier than the angel. Deep amber in color and with slitted pupils they glared; all the while dancing and following the woman as she approached me.
    I sat cross-legged as the woman drew nearer, feeling fear she would harm me, but knowing she would not. As she approached her “third-eye” opened, this time a literal eye, pouring white light to rival the sun. She floated slightly above the ground, the flying eyes now resting above her hands. Through her third eye I could feel every emotion man has ever felt. As if all the pain, joy, jealousy, rage, scorn, love, and empathy of humanity throughout the ages was being both radiated and consumed simultaneously, by that lone point in her forehead. Then sadly, the song ended, and the vision faded.

    Thank you for allowing me to experience something so incredible.

    • Hi Doc. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. You are gifted to experience something so vivid and deep. You are a poetic writer, too.

      I am feeling some weight to this. I have to share with you…

      My new “mini-lp” is coming out in just a few weeks. There are two songs on it that reference a third eye.

      Richey Beckett is currently finishing the album cover artwork.

      A beautiful angel.


      *hearing Twilight Zone theme in my head*

      • Doc says:

        Twilight Zone, indeed. Such an intense connection would be difficult to dismiss as mere coincidence. That’s the kind of thing to give you goose-bumps. It amazes me what we, as humans, are capable of when we stop thinking about reality, and instead just feel it.

        Incidentally, do you plan to have hard-copies of the new release, or any of your albums for that matter? I have been woefully unsucessful finding an actual Mountain Mirrors CD as opposed to a download… and it just seems wrong that I can’t hand people your music and say “You have to experience this.”

        • I was on the fence about this, and was going to go all digital. Now I need to find a way to get a short run done. Hmmm…maybe a pre-order for a disc can be available when the digital album comes out. With an instant download for the waiting. Most likely I need to make this happen.

          Thanks for making this decision clearer for me.

  2. Doc says:

    A pre-order sounds like the logical way to go, in my opinion. Especially if this is your first release of a physical album verses the digital ones; I would imagine predicting the number of copies you’d need would be almost futile without prior data to base it on. A pre-order would allow you a more accurate reflection of the number of CDs you’ll need to produce instead of guessing at it.
    And, to put it rather bluntly; I’ve never heard of a radio station playing music that was only available via download. Sad that… but still something to keep in mind if airtime is one of your goals.

    • Yeah. I did make discs of my other three releases. But after running out of two batches of each, I decided to stop re-loading my supply. I have a couple of the Dreadnought cds floating around here somewhere…

  3. Doc says:

    I see… let me know if they ever turn up. Or if you ever decide to make another batch of your other albums. You have my e-mail, so assuming you have the time that would be the easiest way to inform me.

    Best wishes,

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